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Waldemar Ligma

Usually our lives are ruled by the chance. But this time is not the case. This one is the case of dreams coming true.

In the old times of Polish People's Republic, when the Western culture used to be denounced as "evil" and "hostile", I heard the first sounds of country music. In the times when everybody would listen to Poland's own new wave rock, it took a lot of courage to show off with ones country heart.

Then I heard the first recordings of Michael Lonstar and the passion come to stay. Country music began to appear in the media... never enough, though. But in far corner of my head a dream would bottle up - of a big country event in the town I've been tied to from the day I was born. I'd honestly envy the producers of the Mrągowo Picnic, that one weekend filled with country music.

Then again... why envy? - I thought. Why not putting together a similar festival, but with the lineup with stylish acts, here in Wolsztyn? And then, I met Michael Lonstar and Magdalena "She-Wolf"...


Wojciech Lis

Ladies and Gentelmen!

Country music concerts held in Wolsztyn for the first time in 2010 proved successful and they visibly contributed to our town's fame.

"Pure Country" Festival is the only music event in the region of Greater Poland that draws so many renowned country acts from both Poland and abroad and, quite naturally, a huge flock of faithful fans.

Therefore, I think that from now on our guests and tourists would associate our town not only with the annual Steam Engine Parade but also with "Pure Country" which, became a fixed date in Wolsztyn's cultural calendar, worthwhile taking a trip.

Welcome from the bottom of my heart!


Michael Lonstar

After my first two concerts I remembered Wolsztyn due to two things associated with America: the old steam engines that bring the scenes from Western movies to mind and the cavalcade of Harley-Davidson bikers escorting me to town, who added the feel of some American cult road movies.

But there was yet another component: the human factor, a friendly bunch of passionate fans and at the same time the constructive, down-to-earth people.

I met Waldek Ligma - an animator and driving force behind that bunch. It's good that the producer of music event is a musician. And in fact, Waldek is a musician. He knows the specifics (and hardships) of festival production from his own experience. And - what's even more important - he does know "what's this country thing".

The title, "PURE COUNTRY" has been enthusiastically adopted by the Mayor of Wolsztyna nd the fans alike, because it contains the double meaning: the ecological purity of the region and the stylistic purity of music.

In the times of an ill-conceived commercialization and, very often, a total misunderstanding of the very idea of country, we want to show the true value and beauty of this music, set in the superb Wolsztyn scenery.


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